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Florida School Districts are Harming Students- will teachers revolt?

The Bob Marzano teacher evaluation scam system has taken over much of Florida. What have I noticed? Teachers are forced to spend time and energy talking about “scales and rubrics.” They are spending time talking about having the correct board configuration to avoid being marked down. Administrators are using precious professional development time to show teachers how to score “innovating” in Marzano areas. Very little of this stuff helps kids. It is all a scam and teachers should revolt. Do what you know helps kids and refuse to engage in malpractice. File ethics complaints if needed.

This is all tied to another Florida scam- VAM. Teachers have the power to ignore all of this. Will districts have the audacity to mark teachers down when they are helping kids graduate and become successful citizens? Maybe. We need to find out.

There is very little talk about “students” anymore. You are more likely to hear talk about “fist to five” and other elaborate ways of control. Filling notebooks with endless forms is new norm- not helping kids. Kids are widgets and poltical pawns.

Bob Marzano taught for about three years- last time was during the Nixon administration. Now he is sucking millions of dollars away from kids. How Madoffian.

Teachers should revolt and refuse to do what they know is harmful. Each day, the state takes away more control- but will blame teachers for everything. Do we fight for students or let these gangsters in the state DOE, districts and legislature crush another generation of kids?


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