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Arne Duncan and his “Red Scare”

I hesitate to use the name Arne Duncan with the word education but he was appointed to a job in the field despite having no qualifications- so I must.

Duncan is trying his best to sell his Common Core testing agenda. He is the distributor of the CEO talking points that many executives are using to fool the public into accepting the diversion of billions of dollars to more testing and a politically motivated Common Core agenda. Schools must look bad for Duncan to sell his agenda. 

In short- Duncan is spreading the myth of failing schools and then tying it into the economy and global competitiveness. Those of us who know something about education and economics see through the game Duncan is playing. 

In order to cover up for the fiscal and monetary (yes there is a difference Arne) policies that have harmed the US- indeed the global- economy, Duncan puts on his Jeb Bush and Michelle Rhee masks to scapegoat schools. Of course our students- when compared to like students- dominate in international testing. But do those tests really matter? The US is always highly ranked by the World Economic Forum in a multitude of areas. 

This is Arne Duncan’s “Red Scare.” Race to the Top and Common Core are shakedowns akin to the Palmer Raids. We need someone at the DOE who will not use extortion nefarious means to hand out cash or scapegoat schools for the ills of society.

It is time for congress to remove Mr. Duncan from office.


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