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Florida and “The Lost Cause”- small case study

Florida has a high school named “Nathan Bedford Forrest High School.” Until a few years ago- there was a “Jefferson Davis Middle School.” The Lee County Florida County Commmission runs meetings with a large portrait of Robert E. Lee proudly displayed.

These not so subtle “Lost Cause” reminders exist in many places. Is Florida unreconstructed?

The Florida Department of Education no longer (as of last year) allows high school teachers to teach a course called “The Civil War and Reconstruction.” But, Florida students can go to a cemetery and see the monument below that praises the Confederate war dead who died for “right principles” in “martyrdom.” This monument is a prime example of how children are subtly raised on the “Lost Cause” diet.

What is going on here? Is Florida trying to erase all traces of Union victory in 1865? Are we in some dystopian nightmare? Or are we in the same Florida, the same South, of 1860? George Wallace did win a presidential primary in Florida back in the 1970s.

One thing is for sure- we must be on guard against those seeking to blot out the sin of slavery and replace it with a splendid war for all that was right and good.



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