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Palm Beach Schools Diverting Money from Kids to College Board Testing

You will not see this story in papers from Florida or anywhere else. I guess I must continue the muckraking tradition of Jacob Riis, Upton Sinclair and John Spargo. In order to force all 11th grade students to take the SAT during the school day- the Palm Beach County School Board has stolen taken 3% from the budget of each high school. 

Each school gets money based on how many students pass AP, IB and AICE tests. This money has been used to fill many gaps left by budget woes. Some schools haves used the funds to buy books and support their performing arts programs. 

Now- 3% will be spirited away to David Coleman. 

Is this a misuse of funds? Is this immoral? Illegal? Unethical? You can decide. 

I can already predict the results of testing. Just like last year- wealthy schools on top and poor schools at the bottom. As I have argued before- you might as well give the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. The SAT is generally a test of income, family and access to books growing up. 

Saturday testing has never been a problem. School districts offer the equity of access canard all the time when forcing kids to take this test. It smacks of paternalism. The SAT was never designed to be FORCED on students. Would not forcing kids to take this test make it invalid?  I spoke to an English teacher in Palm Beach who told me it took THREE class periods to get kids signed up for this test. 

The public should be outraged. My only question is, “Will Palm Beach deliver the money to David Coleman at the College Board using unmarked bills?”


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