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Sunrise on the Veld

Doris Lessing just passed away. I heard this 10 minutes ago and one thing came to my mind- “Sunrise on the Veld.” I read this in school and still remember it today- and its lessons.

The “immortality” and feeling of empowerment in youth contrasted with the harsh realities we learn about death and the fact that we cannot control everything- are lasting lessons.

We discussed the story for a long time and there was never any test on it.

This is the kind of learning that Arne Duncan and his cabal simply do not get. This is the kind of learning hard to see in the test crazed world of Common Core. Discussing great ideas and reading great literature make us better humans-better citizens. We pass these lessons down to our children. 

If David Coleman and Arne Duncan have their way- this will all end for a political agenda of power and money.


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