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Florida Testing Sucks the Life Out of December

You might think that Florida EOC exams (end of course) only happen once at the end of the year. Actually, The Florida DOE has several testing windows that districts must follow. Instead of “learning” in December as semester exams approach- many students will be retaking one or more exams. Each test will result in the loss of computer labs (so much for research) and the loss of several hours of instructional time for each student.

The week after Thanksgiving students will retake the US History and Biology exams. These exams are not required for graduation but are forced on kids. I wonder how many know they can opt out and refuse to take them?

A week later, students will be forced to retake the Algebra I test and the Geometry test. These students have passed the classes but credit is being withheld due to one test. If you miss by one point- you are labeled below grade level. What a sham. The Algebra test is also a graduation requirement. Many students will spend four days testing instead of learning.

These tests were also given in September. In Florida- testing never ends.


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