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Latest Common Core Propaganda

A disturbing and misleading Common Core talking point is getting more and more media attention. This talking point became necessary when the Common Core propagandists found out they could no longer sneak this billion dollar boondoggle past the public. The same crowd that said NCLB just needed to be implemented correctly is pushing the same line about Common Core.

Let me be very clear when I say that Common Core- just like NCLB- is being implemented exactly as planned.

From day one- Common Core has been a test driven welfare scheme for testing companies, computer companies and assorted consultants. 

From day one- folks like Arne Duncan and Randi Weingarten misled the public about the nature of Common Core. 

With the true nature of Common Core revealed- massive testing and developmentally inappropriate content- many are now claiming there is a simple “implementation” problem. The audacity of arrogance!

Don’t be fooled by Common Core hucksters at USDOE, AFT, NEA, and other front groups. Common Core is a massive diversion of funds to a problem that does not exist. The answer to rising poverty, crime and homelessness is not more testing and standards.

It makes me sick that AFT and NEA are part of this crime. Common Core should be renamed “No Child Left Untested to Death.” When will our own DOE and professional organizations stop backing educational Darwinism? When will they stop scapegoating schools?


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