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Florida Muckraking – Rick Scott’s Testing Factories

Florida students are being denied an education. When will the public take to the streets to demand the resignations of those who have perpetrated this crime? I am not using hyperbole when I say that we are forced to test around 100 days each school year. It gets worse each year.

Over the next two weeks, many students will be herded into computer labs for as many as four different EOC exams. Students did this in September and will do it again next semester. These tests will force students to miss a lot of instructional time. Schools have become testing factories. Florida is trying to create complaint kids ready for work on the assembly line. They are not to ask any questions- just shut up and test.

It is so bad in Florida that -for several classes- students do not even need to be IN the class to get credit. They can simply pass an online test and get credit for a whole year. It is not about learning in Florida.

Why does this go on without notice?

1. The media is weak and compliant. You will not find Upton Sinclair in Florida.

2. The Florida Education Association is weak. They have sold us out to common core and more testing. They should break from AFT and NEA.

3. School administrators, superintendents and board members are too happy attending cocktail parties and being close to power to do what is right. They sold out long ago.

4. The Democratic caucus in Florida is weak. They are afraid of their own shadow.

Instead of educating students, parents and teachers about the conditions in schools, the four groups above have opted to feed the educational testing complex (hoping to be eaten last).



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