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Jeb Bush Foundation – don’t be fooled by this group of charlatans

The Jeb Bush Foundation recently sent out a tweet from their bunker somewhere in Florida that indicated Common Core would make kids college ready and not ready for remediation. I found this tweet typical of the group of politicians who have misled the public and destroyed generations of kids. 

First let me say that the Jeb Bush folks BUILT the system that THEY now claim is a disaster. The sweet audacity of arrogance. Jeb and his friends remind me of the guy who charges tourists to pull them out of a watery ditch outside his house- the one HE fills with water each night.

I do not think NAEP or PISA really matter that much. They indicate poverty levels- like most standardized tests do. But some folks love these tests and use them as political lightning bolts to strike down the innate love of learning that kids have. Many students in remedial classes do not need to be there. They are placed there based on bogus test results. So to play the Jeb Bush game of “test results mania”, I make the following observations.

1. Recent Florida trends on NAEP are a disaster. Gaps are widening and test fatigue is setting in. As testing has increased over the last four years- scores have not improved in many areas compared to the nation.

2. The recent PISA data was a disaster for Florida too. Test fatigue is here. 

3. Graduation rates for African American males are criminally low (Schott Report). This statistic actually matters!

So the Jeb Bush crowd wants to sell us more medicine. They admit the “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards” are a failure? They admit their massive testing scheme was a failure? To “fix” things they want more standards and more testing. We tested 80 days last year. 80!!!!!!

Fool me once, shame on you…



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