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Create Book-Loving Kids- not Test Zombies

What makes me sick is when students who have no access to books at home, come to school and are forced to do worksheets, rotate in groups, complete tasks on computers and do skill/test prep.

Our goal should be to create book-loving citizens. Instead, schools are trying to create test takers. Avid readers have big vocabularies and usually do just fine in school. 

Perpetuating “book poverty” is one of the worst things a school can do. 

I urge teachers to burn scripted programs and delete computer reading programs. There is no substitute for a massive classroom library with scores and scores or genres. Yes- comic books are fine. You see- teachers need to be ready to handle “where a student wants to go next.”

Students should also be allowed to abandon books. I have noticed that students seek more complex texts when…

1. They have access

2. They have time to read

3. And these things happen year after year

Once we help students create reading habits, the fun begins! And guess what? Kids might not want to read on occasion and that is normal. Leave them alone.


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One thought on “Create Book-Loving Kids- not Test Zombies

  1. How do you do this when you’re a practically brand new teacher, are in a school with few resources, and can’t afford to buy a library of books on your own dime?

    I need ideas.

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