Books are Enough

The Power of Free, Self-Selected Reading

More Wasted Money in Florida-Boondoggle alert!

I reported earlier that each high school in Palm Beach County Florida was forced to fork over 3% of their budgets to pay “The College Board” to force – yes force- students to take the SAT. (Crime #1)

Now, word comes (Crime #2)  that the same district is spending almost $600,000 – yes $600,000- to buy a computer program for reading called “Reading Plus.” This is a total misuse of tax dollars. The obsession with packaged programs hinders great teachers AND kids who need real books.  How about buying some real books for the the love of God. No wonder kids become reading zombies. There are more effective (and pleasurable) ways to get kids to improve in reading. How about creating book-loving citizens?




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