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AFT and Weingarten -Lost in Translation

Sometimes I really do feel sorry for AFT President Randi Weingarten. She is a politician stuck in the world of education. But when I consider the damage she is doing to the teaching profession- thus students- my sorrow turns to anger.

AFT bowed to the almighty NCLB and claimed there were “implementation” problems. NEA did the same but neither they nor AFT want to be reminded of that.

We now see Randi Weingarten scurrying around the country claiming Common Core is wonderful but being sunk by poor implementation. I told Weingarten (over a year ago) that Common Core was a test driven boondoggle. 

Poor Randi has lost the plot. Common Core is being implemented EXACTLY as planned as designed. She cannot click her heels and go back to Harvard Yard. Weingarten has been backing Common Core from day one!

Common Core has always been about testing. It is NCLB on steroids. I am sad that Weingarten continues to scapegoat schools- but she is a politician.


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