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Jeb Bush Foundation Misleads Again

The Jeb Bush “foundation” sent out another “Baghdad Bob” press release about how a dedication to 3rd grade reading (10 years ago) is paying off today since fewer 3rd graders are retained.

What they did NOT mention (how convenient) is the class size law that now keeps those classes low AND the fact that there are now “portfolios” that teachers can put together to use instead of test scores. If a kid scores (let’s say) a 298 they are “proficient” but a 297 means they cannot read? Huh?

The “good cause” provision is one of the reasons why fewer are held back. Teachers and principals realize how unethical it is to retain a student based on one test score.

The Jeb Bush foundation thinks that something THEY did made a difference. Huh? They lowered standards with waivers and also fought AGAINST the class size law. 

These people are hucksters of the highest order.


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