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2014- The Year Membership Must Push Randi Weingarten and Dennis Van Roekel Out

As 2014 begins it is painfully obvious that Randi Weingarten must be pushed out as AFT president. She is a politician and that is not the kind of person we need at AFT. To be quite frank, Weingarten has become delusional. There is little daylight between her, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates and David Coleman on many issues.

1. She recently said that our goal is to prepare kids for the SAT.

2. She continues to support the diversion of billions of dollars to common core – its consultants, aligned materials and testing infrastructure.

3. She insists that everything is tickety-boo (obscure Danny Kaye reference) with common core and that there are simply “implementation” problems. This might be the biggest break with reality for Weingarten. Common core is being implemented exactly as designed – a one size fits all test driven boondoggle.

4. She wrote a letter with Governor John Engler that continued the lie of failing schools and the false notion that we are in some global competitiveness crisis. So much for fiscal and monetary policy- just blame schools.

As for Dennis Van Roekel, (president of NEA) I am not sure he even knows where he is.  I think he simply reads what is put in front of him. 

With AFT and NEA in bed with big business and right wing governors- there needs to be action. Membership should force Weingarten and Van Roekel out. 


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