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Randi Weingarten, “There you go again.”

Current AFT president and politician Randi Weingarten went on CSPAN to defend Common Core. She sounded like David Coleman, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee and Arne Duncan all rolled into one big bag of lies. Poor Randi made glorious claims about Common Core- all without evidence. AFT members should be outraged. I have called for her removal before. The AFT magazine gives time to Common Core shills from the Fordham Foundation but allows no dissent from paying members. 

Common Core was always designed to be a test driven political hammer to continue the false narrative of failing schools. If there was a definition of treason in the AFT rules/laws- Weingarten would be guilty. 

As child poverty rises and the US becomes a leader in that category- Weingarten has AFT supporting the diversion of billions of dollars to Common Core, its consultants, testing infrastructure and aligned materials. 

Weingarten claims to oppose a testing fixation yet…

1. She was slow to react to the Seattle boycott.

2. Says “Our goal is to prepare kids for the SAT.”

3. Backs Common Core- which has been about testing from DAY ONE.

I do not care about international test results but since our non-poverty students score at the top of the world we obviously do not have a standards or teacher problem. Our students who are trapped in a cycle of violence and poverty do not need more testing or standards- they need food, shelter, medical care and the ability to go to a school where they are not tested to death.

Weingarten has bought into the (false) failing schools narrative and has done a good job covering up her collaboration with the David Coleman crowd. She plays both sides. She is a master politician who can fools the masses. But those of us who look behind the AFT curtain see the real Randi Weingarten. She is an appeaser who needs to be let go from all responsibilities at AFT.

Is Karen Lewis available for the AFT job?


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