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Beware of NEA Push Poll

NEA has just asked members to respond to a survey but it is set up to appear that all members support common core and it is just an implementation problem. Members are not allowed to submit the survey unless they complete a section where they must rate several areas important to common core implementation. But what if you oppose the standards based on the fact that they have no evidence or reason behind them?

Here is the push poll question…

“When it comes to getting Common Core implementation right, how important are each of the following?”

Remember, NEA had the same “get it right” campaign for NCLB.

The question has several options including (if you can believe it) more money for aligned materials and technology. Other options include providing more money for consultants and curriculum guides. The survey is done through “Bernett Research.”

I could not submit my survey and show my total disdain for common core since my answers for how to get implementation right would indicate I think we need these standards. I object to this unethical survey.

Mr. Van Roekel, I object to your support for diverting billions to this common core boondoggle. NEA and AFT have become scapegoaters of our schools. You will divert billions of dollars while school libraries close for testing and buildings are crumbling.

Let me be clear when I say that common core is being implemented exactly as designed- a test driven nightmare to make the public believe schools are failing.

Shame on you.


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