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Common Core: Trying to pull a fast one

I see a disturbing series of events unfolding with Common Core. Sadly, I saw the same thing with NCLB. 

1. Politicians create a false crisis and scapegoat schools

2. Politicians get big business to support the crisis

3. Professional groups like AFT, NEA, ASCD and NCTE fall in line to avoid looking like obstructionists

4. When questions are raised- blame “implementation” to distract attention (NEA and AFT did this with NCLB and Common Core)

5. Pretend to oppose high stakes testing while ignoring that it is all ABOUT high stakes testing by design

6. Never mention the fact that billions of dollars a year are being diverted to testing, consultants and aligned materials

7. Crush all dissent

8. Call for delays to give the appearance that you are listening

The only difference this time is that more and more teachers are keen to the game and are not going to be duped again.


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