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The Florida Hispanic Milagro. Or not?

Books are Enough

One of the latest ploys by the Jeb Bush foundation and Florida politicians is to promote the idea of a Florida miracle for Hispanics in achievement. It is an election year and they are trying to dupe folks again. There have been headlines like “Hispanics in Florida Lead the Nation.” I almost did a spit take when I read that one. Why? I know the truth.

Since Florida has increased testing and choice- NAEP scores have stagnated and gaps have grown in some areas. I wrote about this earlier and you can find it in the archives. Let me focus on Hispanic students in this post. Let’s look at NAEP trends since 2005 when we saw a massive increase in choice and testing take hold.

Are Florida Hispanic students leading the nation or being crushed by massive testing and segregation caused by choice?

8th Grade Math- The average increase of…

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