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Erik Fresen’s Charter School lie- symptom of deeper problems

The Florida Democratic caucus should be livid over the lie Erik Fresen told about a waiting list of 100,000 people for charter schools. Fresen has deep charter school ties as do many of the neo-segregationists in the Florida GOP caucus. Just follow the likes of Uncle Seth McKeel, Slick Willie Weatherford and Big Daddy Don Gaetz to get a flavor for modern day Jim Crow. 

The Democratic caucus has offered a flaccid response that is all too common for them. 

The deeper problem is that the lie was not covered in the media. The deeper problem is that the Florida Department of Education (sic) is hostile to public schools and a champion for private and charter schools. 

The goal is to make our public schools so unpleasant and test heavy- that people want to flee (can you say vouchers) to private schools, where teaching occurs on a regular basis and they do not test 80-100 days a year like public schools. 

Of course this means the “choice” mantra is also built on a wall of lies. 

The one thing that the Florida Legislature and DOE will not do is give all schools the ability to control what happens from day to day. The politicians need a hammer and the unaccountable apparatchiks and knaves at the DOE need to keep their jobs. 


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