Books are Enough

The Power of Free, Self-Selected Reading

Krashen (once again) Sets Record Straight on Reading (with Common Core connection)

This is the best hour you will spend all year if you care about bringing kids into the community of readers. The research is clear. Are we going to continue to punish kids with skills practice, computer programs and interrogations? Or are we going to let kids become readers? Common Core is part of the problem- but just the continuation of a long road to killing off the love of reading. We have known for decades that kids who are avid readers do better in school and on any given standardized test. The research here is powerful but will not make billions for testing companies or computer companies.  

Sadly, our poor kids are really harmed since they lack the access to books and time to read them. Our schools are harming ALL kids by denying them the RIGHT to be readers.



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