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Why is Florida giving Utah over $5 million to field test AIR assessments?

Field testing an assessment on a vastly different population than the acutal testing population is an odd decision. Some might say it invalidates any cut scores that are set. We already know that cut scores are political tools and mean little. Do you know why Florida is not field testing the new FCAT -called AIR? There is not enough time to field test. Let me tell you what is happening. We are already testing almost EVERY day until the end of the year. This madness started April 7th. When is there time to field test? Today I have students who must take the state required ePat test as well as the required FCAT test. Oh, did I mention they must take the mandated FAIR test too? I kid you not. Some students got passes to go take THREE different tests today. These same students have EOC tests over the next 30 days. I forgot to mention AP testing. None of these tests were made by teachers- the ones who know their kids best and how to evaluate them. Standardized testing is a politcal-economic shell game that only testing companies, politicians and computer companies win.

Around Florida, school libraries are being closed to accomodate testing. Schools have been forced to buy laptops to keep up with the increased testing. Students test on laptops which displaces other classes.


Florida is testing hell. In previous posts I showed how Florida NAEP scores have stagnated and fallen behind the average. I have also shown that as Florida increases testing- lessening teaching time- NAEP scores drop and gaps widen. I could care less about ANY standardized test result but for those who do- take note.

My only question…

Will Florida give Utah the FIVE MILLION in unmarked bills?


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