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Florida GOP and Dem Backers Exposed on May 2, 2014

On the last day of the legislative session one member exposed the entire Florida GOP lie that has infected many for years. There are even some Florida Democrats who have hopped on the crazy train. Three Democrats backed the GOP criminal voucher expansion bill.

One issue raised by Mark Danish was over accountability. Apparently accountability is for some kids and not others. Students who take vouchers to attend private schools are not held to the same requirements as their public school peers- despite taking our tax dollars.

Don’t get me wrong- the accountability system has become a political hammer that is totally immoral but what is good for some is apparently not good for all in Jeb Bush world.

Representative Danish asked privateer Representative Eric Fresen if public schools had the choice to use the same tests that private schools do. Fresen went into a panic before admitting the answer was “No.”

EUREKA!  The moment of discovery. The whole idea of choice is a LIE. 

Instead of being able to give standardized tests just a few days a year and trust teachers – as private schools do-  public schools are forced to test about 100 days a year. 

Private schools know that teachers and not test companies should provide accountability. Florida does not trust teachers and needs to control results of tests to continue a false crisis in education and divert more money away from public education- in order to kill it.

Let me be clear…

Florida uses massive standardized testing to shame and punish while independent schools let teachers teach (and evaluate as professionals) their students.

The Florida GOP has decided to create test taking zombies who hate learning- drones for factories. They want compliant little workers who do not dare dissent. Do we see the actual results of any mandated state tests? Nope. There is no room to learn. You never find out what you got right or wrong. You never find out if the questions were even valid.

Remember that the Florida Department of Education(sic) and GOP- led by Jeb Bush and Patty Levesque – must control results of all tests. They need to keep what Berliner and Biddle call “the manufactured crisis” going.

Common Core is an expansion of the manufactured crisis and many are blind to it. We will see more testing, more scapegoating and more lies about public schools.

The next time you hear some politician or unelected shill say that Florida is about choice or is kid-centered, call BULLSHOT!




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