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How Ridiculous is Testing in Florida?

Let me count the ways…

1. We test about 100 days a year. In order to try and lessen the days, many districts spent millions- yes millions- on laptop carts full of computers. Great idea? Nope. The laptops last about two hours and then you have to start swapping them out. This means documenting the swap on a mandated seating chart. This also means you need to call for someone to come down and reset the laptop so the student can continue. Imagine this going on around a campus of 3,000 students. The test proctor also has to be supervising testers while doing all the rest of this. 

2. More computers mean more rooms used for testing. Teachers are being relocated as the testing beast needs more room. The library is closed, music room closed, and you get the idea.

3. We have been testing for 20 days in a row so far- remember makeup testing. Makeup testing can often take three or four days.

4. What tests are being required by the state in the current time period? This is just April and May!

   A. Reading- 11th/12th graders

   B. Reading- 9th graders ( 2 days)

   C. Reading- 10th graders (2 days)

   D. Algebra 1

   E. US History

   F. Biology

   G. Geometry

   H. FAIR testing (One of the biggest scams running. I throw the results away as soon as possible)

Is there time for teaching? No. This is utterly criminal and must end. 



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