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The US Government Murdered Willie Francis

Last Friday was the anniversary of the murder of Willie Francis. The media ignored one of the greatest injustices ever perpetrated on a US citizen. Francis was “executed” before the age of 18 but he survived a horrific scene. A few months after turning 18 (in 1947) he was “executed” again. This time he died. Felix Frankfurter should be dug up and hanged for his criminal support of the 5-4 vote allowing the second “execution” to go ahead. The dissenters asked- quite correctly- how many botched executions it took before it became cruel and unusual. 

Frankfurter gets no credit for his guilt driven attempts to get the Governor of Louisiana to grant a pardon. Willie Francis should not have been murdered by the Supreme Court and Louisiana. 

Please read one of the many excellent books on this ignored murder. Gilbert King wrote “The Execution of Willie Francis: Race, Murder, and the Search for Justice in the American South.” This case should be studied in all schools.

I can hear Willie yelling, ” I am not dying!” during that first botched attempt.

willie francis


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