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Shadowy Jeb Bush Shill Ron Matus Misleads Again

Former “journalist”- and now Jeb Bush shill- Ron Matus has written an odd story for his Jeb Bush front group- redefinED. The article was designed to be used by certain politicians to push an agenda. Folks like slick Willie Weatherford took little time before lauding the article on Twitter. 

The articles says that just over 100,000 folks have “started” applications for tax credit scholarships. This program takes tax dollars and gives it to private groups. And yes- courts have ruled that charter schools are hardly public schools.

Will Weatherford put a hashtag #demand with his response to the article. I guess this is like the lies we heard from the Florida GOP over charter school waiting lists last month. Florida has about 3 million public school students. Massive demand? This must be common core math.

Something else Matus failed to explore- on purpose- is why folks are applying. 

I think many are “starting” the application because they are sick of having to go to schools that are testing 90 to 100 days a year. Last week a Florida middle school principal held a press conference about testing. He kept track of how many days were disrupted due to mandated testing and found it was 90 days. Remember that when some kids are testing it disrupts the entire day.

How many mandated standardized tests did a typical high school student in Florida have to take this year? I tracked it. The answer is a stunning 11!

All Florida students deserve to go to a school that does not test 90-100 days a year. I happen to know a few of the parents starting tax credit scholarships. They both said it was to escape the constant testing in public schools. One said the testing – and lack of actual education- was hurting the chances of her child to go to a good college. 

This is exactly what the Florida GOP and Jeb Bush want. They want to make public schools so onerous and appear to be so bad- that people flee.

These tax credit scholarships are also a way to continue the new Jim Crow policies that the Jeb Bush crowd craves.

100,000! Huzzah! Strike the colors and play Dixie…


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