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Computer Testing will get Results Back Faster!

Nope. In Florida it is taking the same amount of time to get state test results back with computer testing as it did with paper and pencil. Most students I spoke to hate taking tests on computers- especially the laptops that need to be replaced several times during a testing session. I kid you not- makeup testing for several EOC exams is still going on which means results are not even close to being available.

As soon as a student finishes an EOC, results should be available. The only explanation for delay is cooking the books. Even if you wanted to double check and verify scores- they should be available within a week. In some districts, there are about 10 days of school left and state testing is STILL going on. When will any EOC results come back? Your guess is as good as mine. The results have no chance to inform instruction or help kids. Of course, teachers cannot even see the tests to make sure there were no bogus questions. Trust the state…

Simply outrageous!


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