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May 25th 1935

If I could go back in time, it would be to a chilly day at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh to see Babe Ruth hit the last three home runs of his career. He would retire a few days later but not before putting on a display for the ages. Ruth was 41. There were about 10,000 in the stands and the game lasted a little over two hours.

 To me this is the most holy day in the history of the game, as time stood still. Ruth would go 4-4 and drive in 6 runs for the Boston Braves- in a losing effort to the Pirates.

Ruth’s first shot went about 385 feet into the lower deck in right field- a high fly. The next home run was also to right but went about 500 feet into the upper deck in right center- more of a line drive and deep into the stands. The 714th and final blast went over the 86 foot high right field roof and out of Forbes Field. This was a first and the ball went about 540 feet.*

If you have not read “The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs” by Bill Jenkinson-please do! This book proves the Babe is still the greatest home run hitter to have ever lived. Had the Babe played in the small parks of today- it would have been a bombardment of bazooka blasts like never seen before. 

*Descriptions of the last three home runs come from the Jenkinson book



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