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The Florida Legislature or Criminal Empire? You decide.

The Florida League of Women Voters just released a bombshell study that rips the mask off of the Jeb Bush Foundation, Florida Department of Education(sic) and Florida Legislature. 

The entire nation must know the unethical and possibly illegal things going on in Florida. At the end of the story there is a remarkable list of legislators who are ethically challenged to say the least. Is there anything criminal here? As long as FOJ – friends of Jeb- control the investigations, we will never know. 

I must list the names of the people in the report. We must expose each one.

John Legg

Kelli Stargel

Seth McKeel

Ann Corcoran

Anitere Flores

Erik Fresen

Manny Diaz

George Levesque (wife runs Jeb Bush cabal)


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