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Stunning Stupidity in Florida

The Legislature and DOE force students to take an online class to graduate (Choice? What choice?). Personally I would sue the hell out of them if I was denied a diploma because I did all of my classes in a real classoom with a real teacher- not watching videos and looking up answers to questions on my phone in some insipid “blended learning(sic)” class. I know all about these “classes” and they are a joke.

Many schools in Florida are forcing seniors to take Economics and or American Government in one of these hybrid classes that are utter shams. They are basically packaged pablum. Very little teaching goes on- or is required.

Did you expect anything less from Florida? Private schools laugh at this idea- as do I. This is another example of the legislature and DOE making public schools so onerous that folks want to flee.

PS: This is a big win for the vendors who peddle the software and hardware. Florida does not give one hoot about learning. It is all about $$ and power.


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