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Another Update From Florida

1. Students who took state mandated tests over a month ago still have no results. Ah, computer testing is speedy.

2. Florida high school students can still buy credit for a few hundred dollars a semester, some worksheets, and two meetings at a restaurant. Yes- this actually happens. Private “credit recovery” programs are running schemes with the full knowledge of the legislature, Governor Scott, the DOE and the media.

3. It is official. We were shut down fully or partially for state required testing 96 days this year. A middle school principal went public to report his school did state testing 90 days this year.

4. Florida will INCREASE testing next year. Common Core calls for writing tests at most grade levels- yearly. It also adds more tests for English/Language Arts. DOE can lie all they want to about not being in Common Core- they are. Along with these tests come diagnostics and other assorted mind numbing activities.

*I am urging a massive opt out movement. We need organizational help from New York  AFT and NEA sure as hell do nothing to help.


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