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Paging Patty Levesque

Politician and Jeb Bush flack Patty Levesque wrote an odd opinion piece about testing and accountability being the key to success for kids. I responded, but the fair folks at the Jeb Bush front group “Foundation for Excellence in Education” have not approved my rejoinder. In case they do not- here is my quick response. I have more detailed data on the testing fatigue that goes back more than the 5 years I cover. The website says to “Start the Discussion” but I fear they want a monologue. They refuse to post my response but they cannot stop me on my own blog. 

It is very important that we do not let this politician- Levesque, mislead. Diverting billions to testing and phony accountability have crushed Florida. The state is near the bottom in end results- graduation. The results for Black males are worse. Levesque also used NAEP date from just two years- as we know this not the professional way to do things. Actually- I have shown that as testing has increased in Florida- NAEP gaps have grown and Florida is no star. I do not care about these test results but if people are going to use them- they better not mislead.
Patty can cherry-pick like her boss. She mentioned Tennessee but some states doing the same things were epic failures.
I am embarrassed that Patty brought up a charter academy that has a massive attrition rate and then claims success when the “chosen few” remain.
What an insult to teachers to claim that testing companies and the state provide accountability. Teachers can do that- but they are not allowed. The smoke and mirror game played by Patty and her friends is disturbing. They way she cherry picks is dishonest but typical for a politician. Shame on you Patty!
Here is a more balanced view that shows how diverting billions to testing has caused testing fatigue to set in.

PS: Patty- we do not want to just get a check. We want to teach kids and evaluate them ourselves – as professionals. How dare you claim testing companies know best. 



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2 thoughts on “Paging Patty Levesque

  1. Are you a BAT? ( Badass Teacher Association ) If not, you should be. There is a national group and also a Florida group on facebook.

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