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Paging Patty Levesque, again.

The Jeb Bush foundation refused to publish my first response to the Patty Levesque screed against teachers. Maybe it was just a mistake, so I tried again.  No luck. They do not  like to have their masks ripped off… even nicely.

Here is what I wrote.

Of course teaching-not testing determines success. Here are a few points in response. Basing “success” on test scores is political hackery.

1. The Success Academies have massive suspension rates and attrition of up to 50% by grade 6.
2. Going back over 10 years- Florida lags the nation in many NAEP areas. As testing in FL inceases- those results stagnate and gaps widen. I will be happy to post the data.
3. Testing is crushing kids. Florida is still near the bottom in graduation rates and Black males are graduating on a level equal to or below Mississippi and Alabama. End results matter. Florida is trying to boost the graduation rate by allowing kids to buy credit and giving waivers. Graduation rates are up around the nation so Florida is up too. The ability to buy credits is a large part of this.
4. It is a false premise to say some oppose accountability. We want real accountability. We do not want kids to buy credit or sit in some virtual class where you simply look up answers and rarely do your own work. We want teachers to evaluate their kids – not some test with political cut scores.
5. Test scores do not equal success and are diverting billions away from our kids.

Thanks for the discussion.


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