Books are Enough

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Remember, Remember- the 6th of June

A Reminder: We shall not forget.

Books are Enough

I was watching a discussion on the Howard Kurtz show called “Reliable Sources.” The discussion turned to a network snubbing the moment of silence on 9-11. One of the guests said that in time, these events lose some meaning and we stop “remembering” them in official ways. The guest said we do not have a moment of silence for Pearl Harbor every December 7th. We should!

This is something that has bothered me for years. I have been trying to get networks and even the US Congress and White House to take note of the common experiences that bind a nation together. I even tweeted my concern to Howard Kurtz last June, but alas- not even he had the pull to help me out.

At 10:00PM  EWT (Eastern War Time) on June 6th, 1944 President Franklin Roosevelt took to the radio to inform the nation of the D-Day Landings. He…

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