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NEA is now censoring views of members

The online “NEA Today” magazine invites comments to articles. I just responded to this one about some miracle school. NEA refused to post my response – paying members being muzzled. You can’t censor me on my own blog you arrogant aristocrats of audacity. If you keep treating members like garbage you will soon find irrelevancy. Dissent is not well digested under the Van Roekel junta.

Here is basically what I said…

The people at this school should be fired. NEA should be ashamed for publishing the story. Was this a study with a control group or a 17 day diet?
This school created the problem by having kids stuck doing skill-drill-kill. Now they claim more of the same is good? What gap has closed in 17 days?
This harmful process will hurt kids in the long term. The longer we delay in helping kids become book loving citizens, the more problems they will face later on in school.
It is troublesome to promote the idea of a gap closed in 17 days or even a year. This is a long term process. I can also tell you that “word attack skills” are mostly a waste of time. This type of isolated instruction has diminishing returns over time. Are we creating circus animals to perform on assessments?


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