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Fire Weingarten Before She Does More Damage

Books are Enough

AFT President Randi Weingarten just said that Common Core- if done right- will help kids…

1. Develop relationships

2. Learn to apply knowledge

3. Learn persistence/resilience

Is she nuts? What in the name of Zeus is she talking about? All of this happens NOW without Common Core pixie dust. This is the same line AFT used with NCLB. In the May/June AFT magazine from 2005- AFT promised to work with politicians and the DOE to “get NCLB right.” We all know how that turned out. 

Weingarten went on to say that we need to wait before attaching consequences to the new testing. Of course she still supports diverting billions of dollars to these tests. Weingarten has pretended to oppose high stakes testing yet she just said after a delay it is ok. 

The Weingarten statement sounds like one from Jeb Bush or David Coleman. It sounds like one from Chester…

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