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Memo on the Florida Testing Empire

The time spent on testing and every aspect of it is astounding. Florida created a new website dedicated to this obsession. Some might think the Florida Department of Education is a vast criminal empire in collusion with another criminal empire- the Jeb Bush Foundation. Do some research and see if this is true or not. There is an odd closeness between all of the Bush groups, DOE and the legislature- not to mention some media too. 

The entire DOE has become a shill for charters and the educational testing complex. We can only hope it crumbles under its own weight. The Board of Education is a mirror of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. 

Pam Stewart recently approved a charter chain under federal investigation. There are no rules for the enemies of public education. They have the keys to the state. 

The DOE changes the rules for school grades, cut scores and almost everything else on a regular basis. It is all political and the scam is obvious.  Those is power – with a lot of money at stake- are not blind. They know damn well what they are doing. 

It appears the goal of DOE, the legislature and the Jeb Bush Foundation is to craft a canard of failing schools and constant crisis. Why? So these same groups can dust off the lie of “choice.” They need a way to dig up Jim Crow and make him look presentable. This is not a hard thing to do in Florida. George Wallace once won a presidential primary here. 

But, the above mentioned groups want it both ways. They claim their agenda is working on good days and demand more of their agenda on bad days. It is almost laughable.

The whole ball of wax is based on one thing- test scores. These test scores are basically meaningless but they have become the basis for all decisions in Florida. Test scores are the crown jewels of a phony accountability system. 

You see – in Florida- teachers are not trusted. The state and testing companies know best. The state imposes its will and then blames teachers when things do not go as planned. These are the same teachers who have little say in how to evaluate their own students. 

Florida is not unique in pushing the test score lie but they are a leader. Parents, students and teachers must keep the pressure up in order to hasten the end of this corrupt empire. 


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