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Scapegoating of Schools in India

The “Indian Express” refused to post my comment to this article. I guess they do not want discussion or value free speech. This might be part of their problems.
Schools- once again – are being scapegoated for the ills of society. Let me be clear that economic policy and government actions trap the poor – not schools. This article trots out the usually myths of merit pay (tried for a 100 years and never works) and high standards. Let me leave you with a quote from educational historian Lawrence Cremins…

“…to conclude that problems of international competitiveness can be solved by educational reform, especially educational reform defined solely as school reform, is not merely utopian and millennialist, it is at best a foolish and at worst a crass effort to direct attention away from those truly responsible for doing something about competitiveness and to lay the burden instead on the schools.”

The readers of the “Indian Express” deserve better and should speak out against repression.


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