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Randi Weingarten and Arson?

I am tired of AFT boss Rhonda Weingarten prattling on like a popinjay about her “opposition” to the high stakes testing addiction and test and punish mentality. Why? Because she is engaged in political doublespeak of epic proportions and she supports test based ideas that harm kids- poor ones the most. I prefer spending billions on nurses, libraries and the general welfare-the billions common core steals each year.
Weingarten bows down to the corporate boondoggle engulfing education at every chance she gets. This is a lady who recently said the job of teachers is to, “prepare kids for the SAT.” I am sure her friend David Coleman was pleased. Sorry, but that is never my goal. Shame on you Rhonda.
Weingarten also pushes common core- which was test driven from the start. As educators know, standards become the curriculum -which are both driven by what is tested.
Common core continues to divert billions to testing, its infrastructure, consultants and assorted materials. Poor students are hurt most by Weingarten’s obsession with common core.
I have written extensively about common core and why we do not need it. It is a non-solution to a non-existent problem. Weingarten has followed Jeb Bush and other assorted cartoon characters down the path of corporate gangsterism.
Weingarten claims common core is suffering from “implementation” problems. AFT said the same thing about NCLB. With both NCLB and common core, AFT (and NEA) had a “let’s get it right” campaign. This type of appeasement never works. Let be very clear when I say that common core is being implemented exactly as designed. Weingarten has positioned teachers and kids as those waiting to be eaten last, by the crocodile.
The next time you hear Weingarten talk about a testing obsession, remember that she lit the testing fire and keeps watch over the its eternal flame. She is a master arsonist.


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