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Eternal Testing Boondoggle in Florida

The CEO at the FL Department of Education(sic), Pam Stewart, just sent a memo out to tell districts they are probably going to have to spend more of their limited funds on computers for… wait for it… testing. Florida is increasing testing this year under the common core mandates. They are testing more grade levels and adding more EOC exams. This means less time for teaching.
Last year high schools were shut down for testing either fully or partially for 100 days. One Florida middle school principal said it was 90 days for his school. He even held a press conference.
Now Florida has more testing!
But back to Pam Stewart. She informed districts that Pearson was changing testing hardware/platform requirements and that districts needed to take this into account when “making purchasing decisions.”
Billions are being diverted -ongoing- just to keep up with the demands of testing. This comes -as usual- at the expense of teaching and learning.
Pearson and computer companies are loving it. There is a constant demand for the “latest” computers with the main purpose of “more testing.” This is insanity.


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