Books are Enough

The Power of Free, Self-Selected Reading

Every Florida Child Deserves…

Every Florida child deserves to go to a school that…

does not have to test 100 days a year.
does not have to close the library down to become a testing center.
does not have to divert money to buy more computers to handle more testing.
does not have to beg for money to have a band or art program.
does not judge them on meaningless and politicized standardized test scores.

does let teachers decide how and when to evaluate them.
does let teachers speak out without fear of being fired.
does let them have daily access to a library and nurse.
does allow teachers to help them find their passion -whether it involves college or not.
does allow them to learn and come to a caring place free from political agendas and whims.

We are in the middle of a dystopian nightmare.


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