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Support Lee County Opt Out

The bold decision, by Lee County, to opt out of the massive standardized testing scam in Florida is a necessary and moral act. Last year, many Florida schools were closed either fully or partly for testing no less than 100 days. With Common Core- testing will increase this year.
Someone had to fire the first shot in order to start to bring down the criminal testing empire in Florida. Lee County has given us a Lexington and Concord moment.
Other districts must now join in with Lee County and send a message of morality and ethics to the mountebanks in the legislature and Florida DOE.
Shockingly – some board members from around the state think opting out is a radical step and that we should talk to the legislature.
The legislature has ignored and insulted us for 20 years.
Parents have the power to opt out as well. This is no time for cowardice.
Massive standardized testing is a political hammer that must be smashed.
The message school boards should send to DOE is , “Come and get us.”


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