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The Brockton Miracle? Not.

Books are Enough

I have been hearing a lot about the “Brockton” miracle. This is a supposed shining school on a hill for reformers. The NCTE recently published a paper about it with some bizarre connection to Common Core- even though the “core” did  not exist at the time of the supposed miracle.  I was expecting to read that the Catholic Church was sending someone to look into this “Miracle in Massachusetts.” Even some folks at Harvard looked at the school and could not laud it enough.

There is one little problem though. Not much, if any, of the miracle narrative is true.

How could Harvard and the NCTE miss this? Well friends, they missed it with eyes wide open. Let us now look at what really happened in Brockton. There was no miracle.

The story goes that once upon a time, long ago, Brockton High was a dismal place with only 25% of the…

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