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Patty Levesque is at it again.

Chief testing shill- and non educator- Patty Levesque runs the Jeb Bush foundation. When parents and elected officials in Lee County decided to dump the money taking, time stealing and soul sucking Florida testing machine- Patty threw a fit. Her usual lie tactic is to accuse districts of giving tons of tests not required by the state.
What Patty ignores is that the average high school was closed down (in part or full) for about 100 days last year for EOC and FCAT testing. The new AIR test will take longer than FCAT and there is an additional EOC added this year. Also, more grade levels are being tested.
Each EOC takes about 6 instructional days- including makeup testing. There are also smaller EOC testing periods for those needing to retake the tests.
How many EOC tests are there? This year there are at least 6 EOC tests. Due to AIR testing – many juniors will be taking 5 EOC tests in a 6 week period. Not much learning or teaching when much of your class is gone for yet another test.
Wait! I forgot that the state also mandates the PERT test. Wait! I forgot the state also mandates ePat testing. There is a 30min ePat test for each new EOC a student takes.
In order to get a good school grade and avoid sanctions – schools are pressured to force students to take other tests like the PSAT and SAT.
The state has made testing a way of life if you want to get a good school grade. They incentivize testing.
Not including FCAT or anything else, my school spent a total of 47 days last year- just giving EOC tests. Yes, 47. Yes Patty, those are required.
Patty Levesque will never admit the failure of her test and punish policy. Results mean nothing in regards to learning, college readiness or the economy. Testing in FL is a way to bring back things like the poll tax. End results matter. Graduation rates for Black males in FL are near the bottom of the nation. Testing is a political hammer that smacks of Jim Crow and is used to justify the segregation of choice.
The next time Patty Levesque goes apoplectic about districts testing – remind her of how much state mandated testing there is and remind her how much is incentivized by school grades. Do not let her lie about state mandated tests and the time they take away from learning. Also remind her that standardized test results are of little -if any- value.
I call on all 67 districts in FL to opt out of harmful testing. Pam Stewart and Patty Levesque… come get us!


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