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Randi Weingarten & Disrespect of Teachers

The CEO of AFT has a lot of nerve. She pretends to oppose a testing fixation yet constantly lauds schools who test prep their way to higher standardized test scores. This shows utter contempt for teachers and a lack of understanding of the purpose of education.
CEO Weingarten also pretends to care about helping needy kids while she supports diverting billions to common core.
Weingarten is a politician. A few months ago she was posting pictures from a graduation at some corporate charter school she is involved with in some manner. I think she noted 100% graduation rate until I and another teacher pointed out that the school had kicked out counseled out massive numbers of students who would not graduate.
Poor Randi responded with something like, “Can’t you be happy for the kids graduating?”
She dodged the issue and failed to realize the harm she did by shilling for schools that kick out those who will not graduate.
Randi, the politician.


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