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The Huckster’s Tale

Many of us have read all or part of the Canterbury Tales. I wish to add The Huckster’s Tale. AFT leadership under Rhonda Weingarten has been very busy spinning a narrative that pretends to oppose high stakes testing. At the same time, AFT joined with PARCC to work on high stakes test items. More recently, AFT has offered money to teachers who want to work on common core – which is test driven. AFT called for a moratorium on high stakes attached to testing but forgot to oppose the billions being diverted to give them- regardless of stakes. This would be high comedy if not so damaging to kids and teachers. AFT will beg for “wrap around programs” because of the billions being taken away for common core. And AFT supports it all.

Let me send this warning based on The Miller’s Tale.

“Now Rhonda”, quod Bill Gates, “I wol not lye; I have found in myn bank account, As I have looked in the moone bright, That now a decade next, and for more, Shal falle a reyn of testing, and that so wilde and wood that half so greet was nevere Noes flood.
“Schools,” he seyed, “in less than a few years Shal al be dreynt, so hideous is the shour. Thus shall children be drenche, and schools shall be blamed.”


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