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Florida Testing Update- Unreal and Criminal?

In case you think there is teaching going on in Florida schools this month- let me bring you back to reality. This just went out to teachers in one district….

This week we are taking testing to another level with 3 different assessments at the same time:
  • FCAT Reading Retakes (Round 3 and Make-Ups)
  • Fall Diagnostics (All tested subjects)
  • PBPA (Writing/Grades 9-11)

*There is testing every single day in October from the 6th to the 31st. Did I mention all 10th graders were forced to sign up for the PSAT which is also this week? That is a 4 hour test on Wednesday. I just spoke with a student who has tests all five days this week. This is Florida and someone needs to end the madness.


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