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Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of Testing

The only thing Florida schools care about these days is how to get kids to “pass” the new common core tests. Teaching to the test is still the mantra. Schools have art and music classes writing thesis statements and essays to prepare kids for common core writing and reading tests. The obsession has taken control beyond what we saw during the halcyon days of FCAT.

All Florida children deserve to go to schools that do not test 100 days a year. All Florida children deserve to go to schools that are full of learning, exploration and joy. Schools are testing centers that run like train stations. Billions are diverted to testing as band students are in the streets like buskers in order to fund programs.

To what end?

The Florida DOE and legislature are in a desperate attempt to keep power and fund a Jim Crow agenda hidden in the perfume of “choice” and “accountability.” These knaves have no shame, no morals and an affinity for educational gangsterism. They will always claim some crisis. The purpose of education is to create thinking, loving, caring and book-loving citizens. Public education is a public good- not a fish farm for markets. Testing is a political hammer- nothing more.



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