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Florida “Datafication”

Schools are so afraid they will be punished (low school grades) by the state -they are adding more tests. In Florida , students are being forced to take something called the PERT test. This test supposedly makes one “college ready” if a random cut score is attained.
Florida ties graduation, teacher evaluations, school grades and just about everything else- to testing. Now, every standardized test is an elixir for all that pains you. And the money keeps rolling in, for some.
Florida is a testing dartboard with numerous tests that are supposed to justify you.
The state is feeding the testing addiction that districts have. It is all about getting that fix. My new term is the “datafication” of schools. This means saturating schools with testing to create data that is politically manipulated for an agenda. The agenda is scapegoating schools for the ills of society and bad decisions of the elite.


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