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Spin the Florida Testing Wheel…

If you spin the Florida testing wheel it will land on “testing today” more often than not. Required testing was going on for over half of the days school was in session last year. That will increase this year since Florida added more EOC testing and more common core testing -at more grade levels too.
Want an example of insanity? The state made passing the Algebra 1 EOC exam a graduation requirement. Those who did not pass get to keep trying. They can also try to get a “passing” score on the ACT, SAT or PERT.
So far this year, kids took the EOC retake in September, the PERT in November and will take another EOC for Algebra in December. The testing is endless. Oh, and this is just for Algebra. Florida forces students to take four other EOC exams in addition to all of the common core testing.
Juniors are being forced to take the common core tests AND the FCAT.

The rich get rich and the poor get tested… In the meantime, in between time – ain’t we got fun?


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