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AFT and NEA are STILL part of the problem

“Our Lily” (as fawning NEA members call the new president) and Randi “dark money” Weingarten ( as those in the know call the AFT president) continue to shill for common core. The big con game these two grifters continue to play is to pretend common core is not all about testing. Many members are willing to go along with the charade. Weingarten is the biggest offender. She continues to prattle on like a popinjay about the evils of testing while backing common core -which increases testing. Her “delay the stakes” idea is simply putting off the crime until a later date when she can think of something else. Of course Randi never mentions the immoral diversion of billions to testing and more standards while kids starve.
NEA and AFT were behind NCLB and common core from day one. Both organizations are part of the problem. Think about that the next time you attend one of their staged conventions.


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